Life as an ISS Student


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Notre Dame is known for its inclusive and vibrant residential community and culture. During the entire length of the program, all ISS students will live on campus, either in our undergraduate dorms (men’s halls & women’s halls) or comparable on-campus residence facilities. These ISS dorms are in walking distance to classroom buildings and dining halls, and are equipped with reading rooms, lounges, laundry (washers and dryers), communal baths/showers on each floor. Some dorms also have game rooms, gyms, and vending machines. Students will have roommates who are also ISS participants.

Prior to arrival, you will receive emails on suggested items to pack for your lodging at Notre Dame.


Iss Dining

Notre Dame’s campus features two buffet-style dining halls, the North Dining Hall and the South Dining Hall, as well as many eateries and fast food restaurants such as Starbucks, Smashburger, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell. ISS students will be given a meal plan (included in the program fee) that allows you to eat three meals a day at one of the dining halls. Please note that students need to pay for meals if you choose to ear at one of the eateries outside of the dining halls. Students are also expected to pay for lunches and dinners during field trips when eating in the dining halls on campus is not possible.

Full Access to Notre Dame Facilities

During your free time, ISS participants can use your Notre Dame student ID cards to access various on-campus facilities, such as the Hesburgh Library, Smith Center for Recreational Sports, Rolfs Aquatic Center, and more.

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Health and Safety

All ISS students are covered under Notre Dame student health insurance, which allows easy access to the on-campus clinic and the University Health Services. Students might be advised to visit local hospitals and clinics under emergency circumstances.

Additional COVID-19 precautions and policies may need to be enforced. Students will be notified with such information before their arrival to campus. For more comprehensive information on Notre Dame’s response to the pandemic, please visit our designated COVID-19 Response Site.

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