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International Leadership, Enrichment and Development Program (iLED)

Shortly after arriving on what would become Notre Dame’s campus in 1842, Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC, wrote in a letter to Blessed Basil Moreau that Notre Dame would be “one of the most powerful means of doing good in this country.” iLED is a response to that call, providing a two-week curriculum that empowers high school students to become a force for good in a world deeply in need.

iLED is taught by Notre Dame faculty with a focus on international leadership, intercultural communication, and entrepreneurship. The program includes lectures by professors, hands-on learning, community engagement, collaborative projects, and many extracurricular activities.

The program offers the best exposure to life at Notre Dame and broadens students’ understanding and knowledge of different types of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural competence.

In addition to the academic portion of the program, students also enjoy a wide range of extracurricular opportunities that include:

  • Day of Service in the South Bend community
  • Face-to-face Q&A sessions with Notre Dame’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions and current Notre Dame undergraduate students
  • Field trip to Chicago to visit Chicago’s most iconic attractions
  • Evening social events such as a talent show, bonfire, scavenger hunt, movie nights, and others

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Every year, around 60% of iLED participants receive varying amounts of scholarships, ranging from $500 to full scholarships. The iLED program, together with our donors from around the globe, is dedicated to bring the most driven young global leaders to Notre Dame. The scholarships are merit-based and all applicants will be automatically considered. No separate application is required.

Words from our iLED Alums

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“It literally changed my life in a way I wouldn't have thought of! Notre Dame gave me a great impression of America, universities and the people and professors there, it's completely different than in Germany! It is beautiful there and it would be a dream of me to study on ND” – Lion (Germany)

“I left Notre Dame a totally different person, a better one and I hope someday I can be back. I needed time to really realize that the best weeks of my life was over and I am back to my reality...” – Julia (Brazil)

“Thank you for the most amazing two weeks of my life! iLED was a great experience and I'm looking forward to applying to Notre Dame next year." – Shahan (India)

"Since I set foot on Chicago airport, I was really impressed for the personalized attention y'all gave us. It was evident that you all took the time to remember everyone's face and name. I think it's the only summer program I know that cares so much about the individuals who are participating, to the point, of receiving and leaving them in their exact airport terminals! This experience was the perfect example of how diversity creates unity, because really without one of us, this wouldn't have been the same. Being in touch with so many cultures was a life changing experience, and I'm thankful that I was able to share my first college experience with you all." – Mariana Escobar (Nicaragua)

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