Testimonials from Previous DSML Participants

"The DSML program is a really great program for me to get an insight into the fantastic world of data science and machine learning, Prof.Li introduced key concepts of machine learning through many interesting and vivid stories about himself, especially those about fishing! Besides, the workshops that arranged through the whole program also inspired me a lot, I’ve learned a lot from the application process of the graduate programs to the future of data science." --- Qianzi Wang, Tsinghua University

"I was so attracted when taking the lectures of Prof. Li because he made the knowledge of statistics and machine learning which others may consider extremely abstruse easy to understand because of the clear handwriting of the notes and the appropriate visualization of the methods. That is why my participation in those days is great. In addition, Prof. Li really gave us the confidence to be a good ML engineer or apply those methods into our research that I think is even more important than the knowledge. Overall, I learned a lot during these 15 days." ---Ziyuan Wang, Sichuan University

"Prof. Li is a sincere, humorous and responsible teacher. In the DSML program, he used many stories and examples to clearly explain the basic concepts in machine learning, and gave us some program codes in R language to show us how these methods worked. He was always open for every question and explained each answer with great patience. I did not need to worry about asking“naive” or “trivial” questions, like basic concepts or even something besides concepts, such as the story or history behind an algorithm. I am not a statics major but I learned a lot about the statistics methods in machine learning, such as decision trees, ANN, DNN. Additionally, there were workshops, in which we learned about data ethics and received some suggestions for applying to graduate school. For students who have an interest in statistics and machine learning, I suggest you just go for it. You can learn more than knowledge in this program as long as you listen carefully and interact with Prof. Li actively and your classmates." ---Rui He, SUSTech

"This program is awesome! Prof. Li explained all the core mathematics of machine learning algorithms at a nice pace and a rather comprehensible way. I also like the organization of the lectures, how they show the intrinsic logic among ideas and concepts more than simply listing them. I could have never imagined how Mathematics lessons could be so informative and enjoyable at the same time!" ---Yuzhe Gu, Fudan University

"I'm more than glad to say that Prof.Li's lesson is wonderful! He is without doubt an expert in this field and he explains everything really clear. What impressed me most is how encouraging he is. He always tries to convince us that we can achieve a lot, even in such a challenging subject!" ---Ximeng Hou, Southern University of Science and Technology

"I am very lucky to be able to attend Professor Li's course "Application of Statistical Methods in Data Science and Machine Learning" at University of Notre Dame. I learned a lot from this course. For me, who majored in mathematics, the arrangement of the course content and the difficulty were reasonable. Professor Li gave very detailed lectures and explained them with many examples, which helped me to master knowledge better. In addition, the professor taught each algorithm in detail using diagrams and code. In addition to understanding the algorithm, Professor Li also taught the skills of model selection, which I think is very useful in my future study. I would also like to thank Professor Li for his patience in answering my questions both in class and after class. Above all, this is a very useful and interesting course, and it is worth studying carefully." ---Jiayue Zhang, University of Science and Technology, Beijing

"The 2-weeks course covers a wide range of topics in machine learning fundamentals. Dr. Li explained the math behind each technique very well which helps to choose the best algorithm when solving a problem. I really like the coding examples in R which gives us a clear idea on how the theories are used and implemented." ---Bei Kong, Senior Clinical Data Specialist, Merck & Co.