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Our global engagement programs may be short-term but their impact is life-long. Join one of our programs and start your transformative journey and engage further!

International students from around the world, whether in high school or college, have many opportunities to study abroad at the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame International offers a variety of short-term programs for visiting international students. These programs provide an opportunity for students to experience a world-class education on the beautiful campus of Notre Dame. 

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American Semester Abroad Program

During the semester, international students can enroll at Notre Dame as study abroad students in our American Semester Abroad Program (ASAP). This credit-bearing program allows undergraduate students to enroll as full-time, non-degree seeking, visiting international students and become part of the Notre Dame family. Join us today to begin your journey at Notre Dame – your home under the dome.

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International Summer Session

International students can take credit-bearing classes on the campus of Notre Dame for four to eight weeks in the summer. While living in one of our undergraduate dorms, students have full access to all campus facilities. A wide range of cultural activities are included in the program.

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