Gep Sem Getting Started

Getting Started

Notre Dame combines “new ivy” academics with the safe and welcoming environment of the American Midwest. Everything at Notre Dame is dutifully designed to care for our students - from smaller class sizes, our low student to faculty ratio, our health and safety resources, academic tutoring, and student affairs. Our team is dedicated to personalized advising connecting students to campus resources, providing events and programming, and creating an outstanding experience for all visiting international students both academically and personally.

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Experience Notre Dame

  • Attend classes taught by world-renowned professors
  • Experience the unmatched sense of community on campus
  • Participate in student activities in our state-of-the-art facilities
  • Understand the religious and intellectual traditions that are unique to Notre Dame
  • Cultivate your sense and responsibility to be a force for good

Visit our Why ND page to learn more about Notre Dame or take a virtual tour of our beautiful campus and its state of the art facilities.

Special Program Features

Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentors are a group of undergraduate, degree-seeking students at Notre Dame who serve as a resource and point of contact for new visiting international students. The Peer Mentoring Program is a great way to receive support for your transition to ND and adjustment to life on campus and in the United States. Learn more

Chicago Trip and other Cultural Excursions

During your time at Notre Dame, you will have the opportunity to visit the city of Chicago and its most famous landmarks, as well as visits to other local cultural sites.

Community Service Opportunities

To learn about the local culture and society, students are offered opportunities to engage with the local community through diverse service projects, such as visits to the local food bank or Center for the Homeless.

Intercultural Communications Course

As a unique course for exchange students, this is an exciting opportunity to discuss cultural patterns with other international students, examine your own personal experiences and background, and further develop cultural competency. The course titled Intercultural Communication and the American Campus is mandatory for all new exchange and visiting international students.

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About South Bend

  • South Bend is the fourth largest city in Indiana with a population of 104,000. South Bend’s up-and-coming downtown area has a hustling and bustling restaurant, arts, music, and theatre scene. The city center is only a short bus ride from campus and you can use your Notre Dame ID to ride the bus for free.
  • Four Season climate with a colorful autumn, beautiful snowy winters (16*F/-8*C), a mild spring, and hot summers (90*F/32*C).
  • Visit the Undergraduate Admissions’ page about exploring South Bend or the Visit South Bend website to learn more.